An unusual approach that balances the expressive force of design with the conceptual rigor of the best advertising


Due his double profile as a graphic designer and creative director, Javier Aristu balances the expressive force of graphic design with the conceptual rigor of the best advertising. This approach is quite unusual and provides a highly versatile and effective tool for a meaningful communication, beyond aesthetics and trends, that adds real value to commercial, social or cultural projects

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The work process involves the client from the first moment because no one knows their brands or products better, and the objective is to tailor each project. A stable and flexible team structure allows to take on assignments of any kind or size through the regular association with other professionals, who join depending on the needs


Verdi 58, Barcelona 08012
Larrabide 21, Pamplona 31005
+34 692 804 256

Main areas

Identity & Branding
Posters & Covers
Ad campaigns
Creative direction
Art direction
Web & Social media
Motion & Video

Selected companies

Aclara Lighting
Barcelona Energia
Bodegas Ochoa
Dewar’s/Bacardi & Martini
DiBa Film Festival
Distinto Films
El Corte Inglés
Festival Viña/Chilevision
Fresh Sound Records
Grupo Planeta
Justerini & Brooks/Diageo
La Fábrica
Magro Cardona
Nike Iberia
Penguin Random House

Selected institutions

Ajuntament de Barcelona
Ayuntamiento de Madrid
CCCB/Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona
Club de Creativos
Fundación FRF/Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente
Fundación Telefónica
Fundación TPH/Trabajo para un Hermano
Photographic Social Vision
United Nations

Selected agencies

Tiempo BBDO
SCPF/Wunderman Thompson
Alfil Negro
Ogilvy & Mather
McCann Erickson

Client reviews

‘Direct and solid creative concepts together with a simple and powerful graphic formalization’
Olga Pérez Estrada
Communication manager at Barcelona City Council

‘When I think of his work I think of something heavy, something solid, profound, simple, resounding, indestructible. It is a very clear sensation, and very unusual. I think of Aristu and somewhere in my head Chillida appears. Also Japan. I am afraid that some day one of his works will fall on my foot’
Toni Segarra
Founder and creative general director of the advertising agency SCPF

‘Elegance in the manners, in disagreeing and accepting opinions, elegance in the final outcome: a campaign that contributed, no doubt, to exhibition on Stanley Kubrick being the success that was’
Susana Fernández Alonso
Head of advertising at CCCB/Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona


‘Specialization tends to limit the range of problems that the specialist is concerned with. Who is not a specialist, but a generalist, sees something over here that he has learned from one specialist and something over there that he has learned from another specialist, while neither of them has considered why this occurs here and also there. So the generalist gets into problems that are more genuinely human, you might say than specifically cultural’

Joseph Campbell
Writer and mythologist


Interview at Dopler, Argentinian design news agency, on the occasion of his membership in the jury of El ojo de Iberoamérica


Professor of Art direction at Barcelona School of Creativity

Professor of Art direction at Pompeu Fabra University

Mentor of PFC at Bau Design College of Barcelona

Professor of Graphic communication at Bau Design College of Barcelona


Member of the advisory committee at Star Photobook Dummy Award, Barcelona

Member of the jury at Star Photobook Dummy Award, Barcelona

Member of the jury at El ojo de Iberoamérica Awards, Buenos Aires

Member of the PFC court at Eina School of Art and Design, Barcelona

Member of the jury at c de c Spanish Creativity Yearbook, Madrid

Member of the board of directors at ADG/FAD, Barcelona

Member of the jury at Laus Awards, Barcelona