Meaningful design and communication to add real value to commercial, social or cultural projects

Sade, freedom or evil  COMING SOON
Identity and campaign for the exhibition at the CCCB on the figure of the controversial Marquis de Sade

Poodle & Pod
Brand identity and packaging series for a company of wellness, beauty and care products for pets

Los paseos musicales
Identity for a series of evening concerts held at the Real Jardín Botánico in Madrid and curated by Ara Malikian

Los disfraces del fascismo
Cover for a book in which judge Baltasar Garzón reviews the cases of fascism that grip democracy in the world

Teatro Gayarre 90 years
Logo and poster celebrating the anniversary of one of the most important Navarrese cultural institutions

The mask never lies
Identity and campaign for an exhibition at CCCB on the more underground last century and a half through the mask

Sis dies corrents
Posters and opening credits for a movie about the odd working adventures of three odd-job men 

Amén Beer
Packaging for a craft beer produced by a small cellar under the same categorical and religious name that its wine

Doctor Together
Brand identity for an electronic music band and cover design for his debut album and its singles

Revista Lengua
Communication identity and campaign for the online magazine for Latam and Spain by Penguin Random House

Aclara Lighting
Brand identity and website for a lighting company, suggesting that good lighting also includes a good shadow

Telefónica Highlights
Book that accompanies the homonymous exhibition travelling worldwide to publicize the Telefónica Art Collection

El Corte Inglés Ya
Identity and campaign for El Corte Inglés premium online service, born to mark the future of the company

Stanley Kubrick
Identity and campaign for the exhibition at CCCB on the life and work of one of the greatest filmmakers in history

Barcelona Energia
Brand identity and campaign for the first public energy company in Spain, created by the Barcelona City Council

Fundación TPH
Identity and campaign for a Chilean foundation maintaining that work is the key to social issue

Viña del Mar Song Festival
Identity restyling, campaign and press catalogue for the most important musical event in Latin America

Brand identity and content for a fashion and lifestyle company fighting perfection using error as a differential point

Campaign for the second United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, held in Rio de Janeiro

Brand identity and content for a nonprofit association integrating and spreading knowledge and critical thinking

Carrefour identity
Signage and communication system to organize all the messages received by a customer in store

EMMA by Carrefour
Brand identity and content for a motto which must work as signature and voice for matters related to sustainability

Brand concept and its identity and campaign to unify all Dewar's Scotch Whisky communication worldwide

Nike Bombers
Campaign for a popular half-marathon race promoted by Nike and held annually in Barcelona