Nonprofit cultural association that integrates and spreads knowledge and critical thinking, born in a dizzy social context with a certain smell of change with the aim to promote a calm and conscious reflection on the world we humans are creating for the future

DesignCreative DirectionArt Direction

The Identity

The chosen name is WHAT because the handled is knowledge, but it is also the acronym for We Humans Are Together because the leitmotiv of the association is that we are all in the same boat

The typographic work of the logo reinforce this idea and becomes a brand language when is applied to headlines or merchandising

The Magazine

The main product of the association is WHAT A MAGAZINE, an online magazine in which the three classic branches of knowledge (Arts, Sciences and Humanities) are integrated and crossed with three categories (Individual, Society and Environment) giving rise to content on disciplines as diverse as philosophy, cinema, politics, psychology, history or physics, among others


The Communication

Communication identity for the magazine on social media and promotional videos, for the association as a brand in general and for a project about the future in particular

The Merchandising

WHAT A SHOP offers products as The Perplex Bag, made to you can proudly spread your opinion about the world around, or The Psychological Glasses, which allow you to always look at the bright side of life, although they do not have lenses or perhaps because of that

Programming Adrián Pérez, writings Javier Aristu, filmmaking Javier Navarro, collaboration Arturo Tollesson, client WHAT/We Humans Are Together

Barcelona201220142018, 2021

Identity, Logo, Naming, Web, Motion, Video, Packaging, Communication, Culture, Society, Magazine, Editorial, Event

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