Viña del Mar International Song Festival
Viña Festival is the most important musical event in Latin America, held annually since 1960 in the city that name it, near Valparaiso, Chile, nowadays in an amphitheater with a capacity for 15 000, and is broadcast live worldwide on radio and television

This edition is in charge of Chilevision, a TV channel and company belonging to TNT Turner Network Television, which wants to emphasize the international nature of the event and requests a communication with a more global than Latin perspective, including the brand restyling if necessary

Design, Creative Direction, Art Direction

The Identity Restyling

The festival is trapped between two contradictory visual codes: one is classic and supposedly elegant, based on black and gold colors, and the other is more atemporal, happier and colorful

The most colored one is chosen to be updated and a master animation is created for the channel itself can edit its own corporate motion pieces; thanks to 3D processing, the iconic red ball of the logo and the colors usually surrounding it take on three dimensions and textures to suggest sensations

The Audiovisual Campaign

In Latin America in general and Chile in particular, the festival is a collective annual celebration that goes beyond whether one is interested in the musical proposal

The tradition of celebrating collective rituals is universal and music is its most common expression, so in the audiovisual pieces real common people dance in front of the camera with absolute expressive freedom

Double speed filming allows to appreciate all the details of their movements and puts the dance itself in a second place to highlight celebration, turning common people into amazing

The Print Campaign

The posters replace dancing for jumping in order to express the same, and mix it with the 3D images to reinforce sensations; even Carola de Moras and Rafael Araneda, drivers of the event, want to be amazing and appear in the campaign

The Pressbook

It explains in a few words and many images why the Viña del Mar International Song Festival is the most important musical event in Latin America, and presents the current edition

Copywriting Claudio Letelier, photography Noli Provoste, processing Juan Delcán, filmmaking Sergio Quente, production Sagrado Films, post-production Juan Olivares, music Carlos Cabezas, clients Álex Hernández and María José Acuña from Chilevisión

Santiago de Chile, 2017

Identity, Restyling, Communication, Campaign, Video, Motion, Commerce, Culture, Music, Event
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