Sade, Freedom or Evil
Sade was a clandestine and censored writer who was imprisoned, but is now a classic of French literature, acclaimed as a revolutionary who supported freedom beyond scandal and outrage

The exhibition looks at the stereotypes associated with his name and explores the aesthetic, philosophical and political implications of his legacy, that challenges us to confront the most disturbing aspects of human nature

Design, Creative Direction

Banana and peach work as substitutes for meat in its most sexual side, as in the language of emojis, while the cut symbolizes the breaking of the norm usually associated with the controversial marquis

Photography Unsplash and Pexels, client Susana Fernández and Imma Mora and Jordi Costa from CCCB/Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona


Communication, Campaign, Poster, Motion, Culture, Exhibition, Art, Event

CCCB 30 years
The Mask Never Lies
Stanley Kubrick

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