Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development
Twenty years after the first United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, held in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro, it comes the second one: Rio+20

For the first time in history, the UN decides to share the discussion with the common people, taking advantage of the new technologies and bringing up the question How do you want the future will be? linked to a website that allows everyone to answer with ideas, suggestions or even developed projects to be evaluated by a team specially created on the occasion

The campaign calls to imagine a social, environmental or economic future, a common future for me and we, because the future will be how we all want it to be

Art DirectionDesign

Creative direction and copywriting Paco Conde, photography Gustavo Malheiros and Cecilia Duarte, filmmaking Daniel Lieff, agency Ogilvy & Mather, client Gustavo Barreto and Valeria Schilling and Giancarlo Summa from United Nations and Rio de Janeiro City Council

Rio de Janeiro2012

Communication, Campaign, Lettering, Video, Motion, Society, Event
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