Everybody knows that no one is perfect, but society seems to insist on its constant invitation: the perfect body, the perfect smile or the perfect blah blah blah

Mstake fights against perfection and its offer proudly shows error as a differential point, including its own products and limited editions for other brands, always with imperfection and a certain sense of humor

DesignCreative DirectionArt Direction

The Identity

Mstakes are mistakes, but far from avoid them they are used to give personality to the communication pieces, as on the products or the logo: from teeshirts to labels, postcards or packs, there is always something wrong
The Packaging

The pack for the Cities by Mstake special teeshirt series is actually a pizza box

The Print Campaign

Displays for showcases pay tribute to some inventions or discoveries made by mistake as microwaves, lysergic acid or post-it, while they make some misspelling

The Audiovisual Campaign

Four videos speaking on the brand through what is missing, explaining that the absent letter i from the name can be anywhere: looking at the sea, rowing in circles in a park, leaving a public bathroom or sitting on a bench watching how life goes by

The Website

It has some spelling mistakes and three clearly different areas: community, shop and collaborations

Filmmaking and production Jaume Jardí, programming Strabinarius and Seasons, printing Nova Era, client Albert Saurina from Mstake

Barcelona, 2014, 2016

Identity, Logo, Guidelines, Packaging, Communication, Campaign, Video, Web, Commerce

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