Corte de Reyes
Brand identity and packaging series for a Spanish wine produced especially for the US market

Wine produced in Navarra especially for the US market, where people expect authenticity, sustainability and a certain tradition from a European product like this

The identity has the elegance that comes from simplicity, not luxury, and is applied to the labels of the Crianza, Tempranillo, Rosé and White varieties. Graphic resources such as rubber stamps, typewritten texts or handwritten notes suggest that it is a short production made with care


Despite its apparent simplicity and besides these stamps that identify varieties by color and indicate the level of sustainability, the label contains a lot of information: a huge name-logo, some highlighted product characteristics and even a kind of slogan describing the wine in a marketing style

Printing Gráficos de Oyón

Pamplona2023, 2024

IdentityPackagingSystem, Food & Drinks, Bottle, Label, Commerce

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