Carrefour EMMA
Anticipating changes in the legislation on plastics and aware of the social responsibility associated with its huge size, Carrefour Spain begins to take steps towards sustainability with concrete actions and wants to integrate them into its narrative by recovering the abandoned motto Échale una Mano al Medio Ambiente

The company asks for a properly form and a discourse compatible with Carrefour, so that it can become its signature and voice for matters related to sustainability

Design, Creative Direction, Art Direction

The Identity

The logotype needs to be very iconic and unequivocally green, be easy to reproduce because it must be applied to all kinds of media and also have a good coexistence with the main brand

The Communication

It is about creating the identity of the brand communication, defining both the visual part and the narrative and its tone; in practice, it is built by carrying out print campaigns focused on consumption and recycling, the two environmental issues that touch Carrefour more closely

The Publications

Practical Guide for a Responsible Consumption reviews the main environmental problems associated with excessive consumption and proposes ideas to solve them through small individual actions

Practical Guide for a Responsible Recycling presents the different kind of waste and the legislative framework for their management, and remembers what we people can do to make its reclycling process easier

The Christmas Campaign

The Carrefour Christmas greeting is audiovisual, environmental, digital and talks about small gestures of energy saving to the rhythm of the New Year chimes

The Packaging

Within its policy of eliminating plastic bags, the brand offers in its hypermarkets a reusable alternative that is more than just a commercial shopping bag

To get a varied and exclusive collection, illustrators from around the world are asked to work inspired by the tree from the logo

Strategy Fernando Reborio from Alfil Negro, photo Cecilia Duarte and Stephan Zähring, filmmaking and production Javier Navarro, illustration Olaf Hajek and Kouzou Sakai and Adam Fisher and Bjorn Rune Lie and Pep Montserrat, client Paloma Pérez and José Manuel Sánchez and Yolanda González from Carrefour Spain


Identity, Logo, Packaging, Campaign, Communication, Video, Editorial, Commerce, Food & Drinks

Carrefour Identity

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