Poble Espanyol Branding

Logotypes, visual identity and brand campaign for El Poble Espanyol —The Spanish Village—, a Catalan institution with two main objectives: to reflect its movement away from tourism toward culture and crafts, and to achieve a better relationship with the people of Barcelona

The identity

Hiding the word 'Espanyol' —Spanish— and adding the word 'Barcelona' in the name help to bring the brand closer to the people of Barcelona and also promoted the part of 'Poble' —Village—, more artisan than touristy

The communication

The entire offer of El Poble is structured in three main areas: Art —which includes the Coca-Cola Foundation contemporary art collection—, Crafts —for housing the largest craft center in Catalonia— and Fun —referring to the multitude of concerts and events taking place there—

75 years

Logotype for the 75th anniversary of the institution, created after the Universal Exhibition of Barcelona in 1929, using the same graphic resources as the recently released visual identity

& Co

Copywriting Eva Conesa, agency Evaristu, client Joan Abellá and Mónica Motje from Poble Espanyol

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