Nike Bombers Campaign

Print campaign for La cursa dels bombers, a popular 10 km race held annually in Barcelona since 1999, initially promoted by the Barcelona fire brigade with the support of Nike to demand job improvements from the City Council

Sanity & Rapture

As the race is so closely linked to the city, a marked local tone is asked and the Seny and the Rauxa —in Catalan Sanity and Rapture, very popular sensations in Catalonia and in constant conflict in half-marathon runners, who because of being a middle distance they hesitate between dosing and squeezing— they campaign each on their own to call people to participate

Pay attention to Sanity

Obey to Rapture

Sanity says: If you want to participate in the VII Cursa Bombers 10 km next April 3 you would have to call 902 422 110 or visit

Rapture says: says: Join the Bombers now

& Co

Creative direction and copywriting Oriol Villar, agency Villarrosàs, client Nike