Mstake Branding

Everyone knows that no one is perfect, but the world seems to insist on constantly inviting us to be: the perfect son, the perfect student or the perfect husband are just some exemples. Mstake fights against perfection and its offer proudly shows mistake as a differential point, including its own products and limited editions for other brands, always with imperfection and a certain sense of humor

The brief

With the absence of the letter i, the brand contains such a strong idea in the name itself that it prevails as the protagonist of the logotype. On the other hand and given the variety of the offer, that logo must be able to be applied both on a T-shirt and on furniture, a postcard or even a car

The identity

Mstakes are mistakes, but far from avoid they are what give personality to the brand products and communication pieces: the labels on the T-shirts are sewn on the outside of the neck, the postcards have the same both sides, the cards are wrongly cut, the booklet is bound upside down —so the cover is the last page— and the special box for the T-shirts is a pizza box

The print campaign

Displays for showcases pay tribute to some inventions or discoveries made by mistake as microwaves, lysergic acid or post-it, while they are committing some spelling one

The microwave oven was created in 1947 by Percy Spencer, an American engineer who melted a chocolate bar in his pocket while trying to build a radar from a high-frequency generator

LSD or lysergic acid was accidentally synthesized by the Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann in 1938, when studying the alkaloids produced by rye ergot

The Post-it adhesive was invented in 1968 by Spencer Silver, a researcher at the 3M company who was working on creating a very powerful new adhesive

The audiovisual campaign

Four pieces that speak of the brand through what is missing, explaining that the absent letter i from the name can be anywhere: rowing in circles in a park, looking at the sea, leaving a public bathroom or sitting on a bench watching how life goes by

Rowing in circles in a park

Looking at the sea

Leaving a public bathroom

Sitting on a bench watching how life goes by

& Co

Filmmaking and production Jaume Jardí, programming Strabinarius, printing Nova Era, client Albert Saurina from Mstake

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