DiBa Evolution Campaign

Print campaign for the second edition of DiBa Digital Film Festival, in which two different generations of professionals reflect on the irruption of digital resources in the movies industry

Antonio García, projection cabin manager: 'Projector is a kind of rhythm, like the beating of a heart; if you hear it you are alive, you are running. A digital projector is silence, though it must be easy to work with, because you plug in it, you press Play and that's all'

Xavier Càmara, old movies digitalizator: 'Digital cinema has achieved that lots of pedantic people made their contribution to history of movies. It's harder everyday to find an original work, though that is not really caused for the medium, bad quality has not a specific medium'

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Copywriting Dirk Graells, photography Cecilia Duarte, cliente Alexis Borràs and Néstor Domènech and Annachiara Sechi from DiBa Film Festival

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