Dewar's Campaign

Creation of a big concept in order to unify all Dewar's Scotch Whisky communication worldwide, and design of its corresponding presentation campaign


In opposition to the demanding 'Keep Walking' of its main competitor the brand present Dewarism, a kind of philosophical movement based on ancient writings of the company's founder, Tommy Dewar, defending the possibility of enjoying life without giving up success

Brand campaign

Adaptation of the concept to the Spanish campaign

The Red Book

In order to make the application worldwide easier, 'The Red Book of Dewarism' is born as a manual of standars for its visual identity


Gifted with a great charisma, Tommy Dewar 'The Whisky Baron' is a gregarious, fun-loving and flamboyant character. While his brother run the business in Scotland he travels around the world to place the family brand on the map of premium whiskeys. He get it, and also publishes the book 'Ramble Round The Globe', which collects his experiences during those trips and inspires Dewarism

& Co

Creative direction Oriol Villar, copywriting Claudio Letelier, graphic design Miquel Capo, agency Villarrosàs, client Bacardi & Martini

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