Carrefour communication Identity

Identity system for the visual communication of Carrefour. In applying its new corporate identity, the brand requests the creation of a system to organize all the information that a customer receives in their stores. After analyze its huge quantity, it is classified into two main groups: signage —information for orientation— and communication —commercial messages—


Because the high visual contamination in hypermarkets, a very essential graphic language is stablished and a collection of pictograms based on the corporate typography is developed


It is clarified with three codes or voices, depending on its content: Brand —messages with corporate values, in a photographic background—, Store —messages helping in the buying experience, in a color background— and Product —messages about product characteristics, in a white background—


In order to be easily adapted to different stores in different countries by different people, the system is regulated with a detailed manual of standards

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Strategy Alfil Negro, photography Getty Images, client Paloma Pérez from Carrefour Spain and David Martin from Carrefour France

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