Carrefour Bags

Within its policy of eliminating plastic bags, the brand wants to offer in its hypermarkets a reusable alternative that is more than just a commercial shopping bag

Author trees

To get a varied and exclusive collection, illustrators from around the world are asked to work inspired by the tree from the 'Échale una Mano al Medio Ambiente' —Lend a Hand to the Environment— logo, created by Carrefour for all its communications related to sustainability

Olaf Hajek, Germany

Kouzou Sakai, Japan

Bjorn Rune Lie, Norway

Pep Montserrat, Spain

& Co

Strategy Alfil Negro, illustration Olaf Hajek and Kouzou Sakai and Bjorn Rune Lie and Pep Montserrat, client Paloma Pérez from Carrefour

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