Barcelona Energia Branding

Logotype, visual identity and graphic campaign to Barcelona Energia, the municipal energy company created by the Barcelona City Council in order to supply the city and its metropolitan area in a public and more sustainable way

The brief

Beyond talking about energy and urbanism, the Barcelona City Council asks for a brand with a friendly look and open to everyone, but it should also be able to jostle with the other operators, from the huge energy companies to the multitude of small ones emerged after the opening of the energy sector

The identity

Barcelona Energia is a too cold name, almost industrial, for a municipal service that aims to connect with people. BE is Barcelona Energia, but it is also a closer and friendly brand —it means 'Good' in Catalan, except for an accent—, capable of articulating a positive and full of character speech. The dots forming the icon represent the particles that produce energy and symbolize the light used by each citizen. The final result is a very clear and memorable logotype, easy to reproduce and animate, which stars an urban and timeless visual identity

The campaign

The message focuses on communicating the birth of the company and its special features, quite different from those of its competitors because it is the largest public energy company in the country. The logotype is the protagonist and its double meaning —'Molt BE' means 'Very good' in Catalan, except for an accent— is used to articulate a straight discourse, more institutional than commercial

Enjoying public and renewable energy is very good

Participating in a more sustainable energy model is very good

Betting for citizens to generate renewable energy is very good

& Co

Photography Pexels, client Olga Pérez and Assumpta Bisbal and Agueda Bañón and Eloi Badia from Ajuntament de Barcelona

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