ADG/FAD Campaign

Print campaign for ADG/FAD, Association of Graphic Designers and Art Directors of FAD, Fostering Arts and Design, which works on all about graphic design and art direction, and that means to work for any kind of professional involved on it


The intention of the campaign is to increase the number of associates of the institution, often accused of inbreeding. The central message is an invitation to all graphic designers and all art directors without exception, using headlines appealing to small things of the business with which any of them can identify

Laus Awards

For the Laus Awards ceremony, the main annual event of the association, a special adaptation of the campaign is made to T-shirts saying 'The association of all graphic designers and art directors who have won a Laus Prize, and of those who do not'

& Co

In collaboration with Carlitos y Patricia, copywriting Carlitos González, client Eulàlia París and Romina Jaimovich and Isabel Lucia from ADG/FAD

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